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The Root of Economic Injustice

on June 15, 2015

What is economic injustice? We live under a financial system that constantly prints more money, which devalues the cash and savings of every Kenyan.  Year after year the prices of basic goods and services go up – this is called “inflation”.  It isn’t unique to Kenya.  We inherited this system from the Bank of England, and it has been replicated in every country on Earth.

Inflation Eats Your SavingsThe elite are able to protect themselves from inflation by investing their money into real estate, stocks, forex and small businesses.  But average Kenyans, the wananchi, have no defense against rising prices because they do not have access to the types of assets that the elite use to protect their wealth.

If your savings are losing their value over time, there is no incentive to save at all!  This causes the gap between rich and poor to grow each year in Kenya, and in most other countries as well.

We think that is economic injustice.

As a private company there is little we can do about the root cause of inflation, because that is a political problem.

What we can do is give the people in the base of the pyramid access to the same kind of quality investments that the elite use to protect themselves and make their wealth grow: real estate, equities, commodities, precious metals and forex.  We believe people should be able to park their savings into appreciating assets – or at least assets that hold their value.


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